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Harold Seagle RacingHarold has always enjoyed competition, whether it be in the Court Room or on the race track. He has found many of the lessons learned on the race track to be instructive and most helpful in his profession, particularly in the Court Room.

As an example,  he notes that racing motorcycles have no rear view mirrors.  This remarkable reality helps you understand the vital importance of your responsibility to those with whom you share a race track or a court room — and the vital place of trust — both given and earned.  Whether you are bumping elbows at 175 mph — or trying a complex and vitally important case, it is critically important that you earn the trust of your adversaries — and quickly learn who you can trust.

In his “spare time” through the years, Harold has found success in motorcycle racing, with many podium finishes at such places as Daytona International Speedway; in car racing, with success in road racing and rally racing sports cars, with many wins in Hill Climb racing (including one course record); numerous wins at the Targa Newfoundland FIA international race/rally (known as the iron man of motorsports competition — see video below); and several land speed records, even including one on a 1937 Indian Scout motorcycle.

Notwithstanding the fact that now, in the practice of law for more than  40 years, Harold is more involved than ever in his legal work — and he still maintains racing licenses for both motorcycles and cars.  In August (2017) he competed with a Porsche 911 rally car in a new national racing event, sanctioned by the SCCA, known as the Targa Southland where racers compete on race tracks in three states over a 3 day period, ending the event at Memphis International Speedway — and the racers only have their race cars for transportation between tracks and for the return trip home.  Harold overcame mechanical failure in the Memphis event — repairing the race car in the pits — finishing the race and making it home.  He somehow enjoys facing such challenges.


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